“11 years as a police counsellor taught me alot about people, but this course challenged many of my beliefs. I have now changed the way I work and I love it. Gordon (lead trainer) oozes expertise and confidence, and somehow inspires confidence in you.

Gordon’s teaching style is honest, practical and straightforward. It comes from some central place within him, and makes for a very positive learning experience.”

Christine Weston, Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist



“I joined the hypnotherapy course in September 2013 at the behest of a fellow student at ACAP. I was impressed with the fact that a seven month course in hypnotherapy would make me eligible for a provider number and private health rebates, something that is currently not available with the post grad in counselling degree from ACAP.

I did not know what to expect from the hypnotherapy course and attended the classes with an open mind. By day two of the first module I was blown away. My entire perception changed, thanks to the excellent course delivery by Gordon Young.

I found Gordon to be exceptional in the way he has developed the hypnotherapy course. It is engaging, informative, interactive and fun. The counselling course at ACAP was fantastic and I have had some awesome teachers, but hypnotherapy was life changing. The hypnotherapy course not only provides a recognised qualification but also prepares you to plan and establish your own practice, on completion. I highly recommend anyone who is interested; you can only come out better for having done this course with Gordon.”

Sherryl Rozario, Grad Dip Counselling



“I trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy because so many of the positions I was interested in were asking for this qualification. As for this course everybody’s experience was very positive. If you train with Gordon you are going to learn a lot, but you will also laugh a lot.

What is obvious when you start to come in to the profession is that Gordon is the best in Australia. If you want to do hypnosis Gordon is the one to teach you.”


Jennifer E Phillips, Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist



“I was so impressed with the school’s professionalism, educational approach, and passion for what they teach. Gordon is a charismatic trainer, and the opportunity to train with the world’s best was hard to pass up. Dr Michael Yapko was a highlight, and the group’s exceptional bond was so very important in a class of 18. Gordon’s standing in the field, his easy style, and his cheeky sense of humour make this training both powerful and enjoyable.

Hypnosis is so much more than I thought it was, and as a therapist you will significantly improve your outcomes. The trip from Brisbane to Manly (Sydney) was well worth it. You will love this journey.”

Dr Lisa Phillips-Leece, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist


bernadeta“This course is what learning is all about. It is extremely comprehensive, and Gordon teaches a respect for the uniqueness of all individuals in the application of therapeutic hypnosis. Gordon’s teaching style reflects an innate wisdom which allows you to expand to meet the many needs of your clients. It was such a joy and for me personally it was the piece that put the puzzle together.”



Bernadeta Canstell, Registered Nurse and Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Over the years whilst practicing counselling in both the corporate world and more recently in welfare agencies, I have been searching for therapeutic models that might be more effective than the traditional psychotherapy models available.

I found them with the empowering combination of NLP practices and language, solution oriented psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy offered by the AICH.

Gordon’s valuable experience, extensive tool kit, and personal delivery make for a unique and inspiring learning journey. I believe training with the AICH equips one with the most advanced communication and interpersonal skills available, and are beneficially applied to all areas of one’s life.”

Rowan Hanley, Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainer with AICH. Member, ASCH


“I did a lot of research before choosing the AICH. I was fortunate enough to know graduates from other schools, many of whom felt there were gaps in their training despite the courses being 12 months or longer.

What I learned was that Gordon (lead trainer) was so well known, and held in such high regard in the profession, that I had to look at the AICH. Once here I saw why! When giants of the field like Dr Michael Yapko refer to the prowess of your trainer you start to understand what a good decision you’ve made.

Though I had no previous training in therapy I have found myself confident with the material and my ability to do this work. This is in no small part due to the engaging and supportive teaching style we experienced at the AICH.”

Shelley Anderson, Former Long Haul Cabin Crew and Customer Service Manager

miranda“This is a quality foundation for a career in hypnotherapy. I have done several courses with Gordon (lead trainer) in NLP and now in Hypnotherapy and I cannot recommend him enough. There were psychologists and expereinced counsellors in the group, but I did not feel disadvantaged because I don’t have a therapy background. The structure of the course allowed us all to progress together, and I know that I now have the skills to really make a difference in people’s lives.
My advice – just do it!”

Miranda Rooney, Former General Manager, Fitness First


“Having undertaken various other courses , and in the light of interactions with colleagues who have undertaken their training at other schools…. It is in my experience, that, with Gordon you get the most valuable, thorough, and effective training around today.

You will learn through practical experience by working with real people in real time… I personally know of schools whereby you learn from a book almost in a ‘teach yourself’ fashion, before getting proper guidance…

If you want to gain extraordinary skills from an extraordinary trainer in an extraordinary environment then this is the school for you… Reward yourself …!!!”

David White, Clinical Hypnotherapist. Member, ASCH


anna“I consider myself priveleged to have studied with Gordon (lead trainer AICH). His passion and his determination to make you as good as you can be is obvious. He really cares about your success, and will do whatever it takes to support you through the training.

To watch him work in real time with real issues is a pleasure. This is a brilliant art.”


Dr Anna Cohen, Kids & Co. Clinical Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapist


“To watch masters like Gordon (AICH Lead Trainer) and Dr Michael Yapko work is inspiring – you know you have witnessed something special.

The AICH teaches the latest techniques and introduced me to evidence-based approaches and effective treatments for my clients. The intelligent mix of theory and practical work provided me with a real depth of understanding in clinical hypnotherapy. This is a very professional course with a personal touch.”

Sarah Hensley, BA, Grad Dip Psychology, Grad Dip Psychotherapy & Counselling. Red Tent Health Centre


“From the moment you start you know you are getting down to business. The organisation is very professional and the course material is polished and thorough.

The delivery is exceptional. The teaching/learning cycle is engaging and practical, and accommodates different styles of learning. What is overwhelmingly clear is that your trainers know what they are doing!

At the risk of being critical, I have to say I originally started with another VETAB accredited course, but was disappointed with the lack of congruence.

I switched quickly and I can tell you that I am so glad I did. You don’t realise how good your training is until you meet students from other schools, hear their stories, and see their training gaps. If you want a career in Hypnotherapy, this is definitely the place to be!”

Nina Alling, Social Worker, BA, Grad Dip Ed, Bachelor of Social Work and Certificate IV in Massage Therapy

Mark Hutchens

“I did not initially train with Gordon Young. I was seduced by the allure of FEE Help offered by another school, which in my estimate was more about gaining a marketing edge than a mark of professionalism.

I met Gordon through a friend and he generously invited me to sit in on his classes for a couple of days. Even though technically I was already qualified, I stayed!!!! The difference in the quality of the training, the content and the delivery was immediately obvious. I filled in a lot of experiential gaps I still had even after 18 months of training.

It was practical, professional and fun. If I had my time over again I would not hesitate …I would save my time and money and train with the Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy.”

Mark Hutchens

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