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Choosing Your Training Provider

Seven Reasons to Become a Hypnotherapist

Ask these simple questions;
• The faculty – what is their level of training expertise? (click Here)
• Is the course government accredited – Will the course qualify you to enter the field with full recognition by Australian associations, insurance companies, health funds and the public? (click Here)
• The efficacy of the hypnotic processes taught – is it modern or traditional hypnosis? (click Here)

How Do You Choose a Course?

One of the most fundamental things to look for in a course is a well thought-out and structured way of learning.

It is not enough to be accredited. The expertise and experience of the faculty is crucial. Talk to the trainers of the course and find out if their teaching style matches your learning style. As a guide, if you train with us, you will spend a good proportion of your face-to-face time in practical skill building exercises. We believe that this is the most valuable use of this time because information can be delivered in other ways, but if that doesn’t suit you, we are not right for you.

Hypnotherapy is a very personal learning experience and one must be able to communicate directly with the trainer and seek support when it is required. Is your trainer able to assist once the course is completed? What qualifications does your trainer have and have they helped their students move forward into successful careers?

We train everyone from doctors and psychologists to people starting out in the helping fields.

We are not the shortest course, or the cheapest. We know that to have a successful career in this field, you need to be effective. This is brief therapy and hypnotherapists can see as many as 20 new clients in a week. Many of their clients/patients will come via referral. This means that the quality of your training is doubly important.

The strength of the faculty, the school’s reputation, and access to an Australian professional association like the Australian Hypnotherapists Association with all of its benefits – full insurance, health fund rebates etc. upon graduation – is paramount. We cover all of these.


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